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How to Provide Better Cybersecurity Oversight

For board members who aspire to provide better oversight of cybersecurity, it can be difficult because reporting is so different from other functions. Do you struggle with jargon, “heat maps” with odd logic and fuzzy “controls? A path to better oversight comes from drawing on whatever experience board members already have in systems – from industrial to aviation to sports to cooking – and even music.

In a recent fireside chat in the Think. Design. Cyber series, Consultants Collective member consultant Brian Barnier talks with John Remo, head of infrastructure and cybersecurity at Warner Music Group. John offers guidance for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) about how to engage with business leaders across various functions and how to respond to compliance pressures that often undermine security. As an executive in a creative industry like music, John brings extra insight to critical  thinking, systems thinking and especially design thinking. This is especially the case for cyber warfare scenarios that have “beats” and rhythm.

As board members, we can improve our cyber security oversight by understanding multiple perspectives – and drawing on our colleagues’ expertise in systems.


Brian Barnier

Brian Barnier is Director of ValueBridge Advisors and an independent consultant working with the 2GO Advisory Group. Brian is focused on growing companies, investments and countries, bringing practical insight to investors, boards and management to help them bridge from strategy to execution. He accelerates improvement in business results through a risk lens that incorporates both growth and turnaround lessons learned across industries, professional disciplines and countries. Brian brings a unique synthesis on change ranging from global economics to technology that is reshaping time-space. This synthesis stems from his experience in both business model investing, and general and product management. These perspectives are why his accomplishments have tended to be in initiatives requiring foresight and thoughtful execution in complex and dynamic environments. Internationally, he maintains relationships in more than thirty countries and has a passion for economic development.

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