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Consultants Collective Conversations: The Third Wave is Coming. Are You Ready?

Our recent research on the challenges and long-term effects of COVID-19 to businesses, leaders and employees clearly shows there is and will continue to be a tremendous focus on modifying organizations’ remote work policies and processes, workforce configuration, employee engagement and internal communications strategies. In fact, according to our survey research, 73% of companies say that they plan long-term changes to their remote work plans and policies, and more than half are planning major workforce configuration changes.

But something even bigger is happening. In addition to the challenges to businesses as the result of COVID-19, we are in the midst of massive societal change and a focus on working to achieve true diversity, equity and inclusion in our organizations — all of which will result in transformational change.

Get Ready for The Third Wave.

Attendees were first asked how confident they are as a leader that they are equipped to successfully tackle the challenges your organization is currently facing.

They were asked the same question at the end of the presentation

If you want to start taking a hard look at how your company is prepared for The Third Wave, click here for a simple self-assessment. Every business has a choice when faced with a big, powerful, fast wave of change: feel its crushing power, or ride it like a boss. Those who choose to ride it inevitably come out on top.

Biznology Editorial Team

Biznology Editorial Team

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