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7 Easy Ways To Automate Your Sales Emails This Week

The most effective email marketing engages customers with the right messages as they move through the buying cycle. Email marketing automation tools are crucial to optimize delivery and manage the process.

Email Marketing Strategies

There are two main types of email strategies marketers employ.

The first is drip campaigns.  Drop emailing delivers sequenced messaging at specific intervals.  These are effective ways to manage lead nurturing campaigns and to build awareness of your products or services.  Once customers opt-in or subscribe to your content, this is a great way to drive specific messages at just the right time.

Triggered emails are the other way to effectively use email marketing.  Optimum marketing emails are triggered when users take specific actions.  An inquiry might immediately deliver a response while queuing up your sales team for callbacks.  If someone left an item in their shopping cart, a message might offer them a small incentive to complete their purchase.  A conversion might trigger a customer feedback survey.

Email Marketing That Works

Getting someone’s attention is never easy. Sending cold emails can be a thankless job. If you’re charged with sending cold emails, there are specific strategies that can improve your response rates by as much as ten-fold. In addition, using automation to personalize emails at scale can help attract, retain, and engage customers using a variety of proven methods.

Welcome Emails

One of the best times to engage customers is when they first become customers. They reinforce that the customer made a good decision and provide a great time to solicit additional information or suggest future engagement options. Welcome emails get opened. They have a 4X greater chance of being opened and elicit 5X more clicks than any other email marketing.

Thank You Emails

When someone does make a purchase, the least you can at least say thanks.  Thank you emails offering a sweetener such as a discount code or offer can encourage additional spending.

Purchase Updates

If customers make a purchase that needs delivery, this a great way to stay connected. Provide tracking information or let customers know when their order has been processed and shipped.

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys provide another engagement point and can help you gather important information about your service. Most customers that have a negative experience don’t take the time to tell you, they just stop doing business with you. However, they do take the time to tell their friends.  Customer surveys can help you find out whether you have a problem so you can fix it.

If they indicate they had a positive experience, this is a great place to solicit a review. 90% of customers say they seek out online reviews before visiting a business.

Targeting Lapsed Customers

Providing special offers and discounts to customers that haven’t visited you in a while can provide an incentive to re-engage them.  A “we miss you” email can sometimes be enough to entice them to act.

Recommended Products

More than a third of all purchases on Amazon can be attributed to the company’s recommendation engine.  More than 75% of videos viewed are Netflix are suggested by the streaming service’s algorithm that analyzes past customer practices.

By analyzing past purchases, marketing automation can deliver targeted offers and suggest relevant products and services.

Helpful Information

Content marketing strategies can be employed to keep important information in front of customers.  For example, email automation tools like Mixmax can deliver personalized content to new customers after the sale. This tool integrates with CRM’s, like Salesforce, to trigger emails based on a change in lead status.

Blog content that provides educational information or thought leadership can also be automated for delivery through your automation.

Email Marketing Automation Can Drive Results

99% of consumers check their email accounts daily. Your message will get seen. Whether they get opened and acted upon is determined by the strength of your strategy. Email marketing automation can drive results.

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