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4 Ways Your Contact Center Can Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Business leaders can ensure positive and memorable consumer engagement by optimizing call center performance.

Savvy executives enhance call center performance by taking advantage of the latest inbound technology and best practices. Advanced communications technology and powerful software enables call center executives to foster interactions that resonate with customers and boosts brand credibility.

By leveraging robust VoIP services and CRM tools, you can equip employees with resources that enable them to create delightful customer encounters.

The following are four tips for creating amazing customer experiences.

Teach Representatives How to Address the Customer Journey

Different consumers have different needs. Some consumers have already made a purchase, while others have just found out about your offering.

Accordingly, employees should engage with customers in a way that addresses the present stage in the customer journey. By using a customer relationship management tool, such as Zoho CRM, you can enable employees to pinpoint a caller’s stage in the customer journey easily.

Create Authentic Connections With Your Buyers

Consumers want the most value for their investment. They also want to feel good about their purchase. Customer service representatives (CSRs) can create this sentiment by building emotional connections with callers.

For example, you can encourage CSRs to share brief, relatable stories with callers. Employees can also build rapport with customers by offering them incentives and discounts. Any time a CSR can wow a customer, it helps your brand build an authentic connection with buyers.

Engaging With Your Brand Should Be Easy

Businesses continually look for ways to outdo the competition. Today, companies offer benefits such as one-click checkout and complimentary next day shipping. Anything that makes it easier for customers could give you an advantage in today’s competitive environment.

For example, you could point a memorable toll-free vanity number to your inbound contact center. Given a choice between dialing a local number and an 800 number, a consumer is more likely to dial your toll-free number. The simpler you make it for consumers to engage with your brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Maintain an Ongoing Dialogue With Consumers

Customers’ wants and needs change constantly. The best ways to stay in front of changing consumer demands is to look for opportunities to provide value and ask them what they want.

For instance, you can train CSRs to make a note of changing customer demands and to follow-up inbound calls with feedback questionnaires.  A short survey can go a long way to helping you understand evolving consumer demands.

Today’s inbound contact center solutions integrate with disparate systems to create a seamless customer experience. For example, a customer could call in after engaging with a customer support rep on chat and instantly be recognized and routed to the appropriate support rep. This omni-channel approach is helping to create brand affinity and increase customer retention.

Top performing businesses are constantly on the lookout for tools and trends that can help their organization perform better. In the ongoing competition to capture new opportunities and maintain existing relationships, cost-effective call center tools combined with continually evolving inbound best practices will help your enterprise thrive and grow.

Matt Shealy

Matt Shealy is the President of Chamber specializes in helping small businesses grow their business on the web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

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