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5 Digital Marketing Technologies & Strategies to Boost e-Commerce Growth

Growing a successful e-commerce business is much easier said than done. You can’t expect traffic to just start pouring in the moment you launch your site. Patience and persistence are key; it often takes a couple years to see business noticeably picking up. If your goal is to grow your e-commerce sales, consider these five technologies and strategies to enhance your digital marketing and sales efforts:

Artificial Intelligence

It is predicted that the digital ad market will grow to over $77 billion; this is why marketers are embracing artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a great tool for your business. It has the ability to perform nearly any task, from improving search to content marketing and product recommendations. It can even chat with potential customers. If you’re not using AI yet, you should consider it. The benefits are endless.

Augmented Reality

Between 60 and 70 percent of consumers clearly see the benefits in using augmented reality devices daily – digital marketing is not an exception.

Augmented reality is ideal for today’s business; it allows the user to use smartphones and other existing technology to augment elements of the real-world environments. The user can see real surroundings through the lens of their device and the device adds sensory input like graphics, videos and sounds to complete the experience. There are many e-commerce business trends to implement and augmented reality is one of those.

Making Digital More Traditional

This one may surprise you, but some younger audiences feel nostalgic for the pre-digital days. As an example, Polaroid instant cameras have had a 75 percent increase in the 18-25 demographic throughout the last year, mostly because millennials and Gen Z consumers are shifting away from digital photo albums and opting for physical albums. Think about making your digital content tangible if you want to tap into this trend.

Mobile Marketing

Now that the majority of the population owns a smartphone, mobile marketing is vital for advertisers in nearly every industry. Make sure to choose the right social media channels for your business. This is key; social media enables you to run campaigns with better control.

Another point to keep in mind is that digital marketers have the ability to boost their brand through everything from mobile payment to mobile apps. They can even utilize location-based technology to target ads to mobile users as they walk past brick and mortar locations. Don’t miss out on mobile marketing and what it means for the success of your business.

Live Video

Live digital campaigns are a good way to connect with audiences to boost your brand reach. Now that 80 percent of audiences say they would prefer to watch live video from a brand than read a blog, it’s clear that it’s time to jump on the live video train.

One great thing about live video is that it establishes intimacy with viewers. It’s also the perfect way to humanize your business when you provide behind the scenes pictures of your company and to answer questions your current and prospective customers may have. If you’re ready to build a connection with your audience, video is the way.

Setting goals is crucial to running a successful business. One of those goals should be to stay on top of the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies. If you want to see your business grow substantially, keep an open mind and embrace these tools and strategies now.


Megan Totka

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