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Good news for business — costs of B2B video production content is at an all time low!

We know nobody likes to spend money, but at the same time nobody likes to spend money on something and then have that money wasted because the quality of the deliverable is poor.

Starting in 2005, the year YouTube launched, the internet has quickly become dominated by video. The majority of this video content is not business promotional video, but rather consumer-facing content like how-to videos, reality-style videos, gaming videos, and other episodic content that keeps people going back time and time again. But today, the consumer habits  driving our business behavior and decision-makers are watching more and more B2B video production content to make purchase decisions.

This is timely news for businesses because the cost of getting quality video production technology, like cameras and editing software, has significantly come down in cost. This, coupled with the amount of people calling themselves a corporate video production company, has given businesses more options to make B2B video production content, more accessible than any other point in history.

So now that options are at their highest and costs are low, should businesses be looking at the cheapest option? Similar to when companies were making their first website purchases, back in 2002-2006, without precedent on past purchases—that is where B2B video production content is today. Since many businesses don’t have experience in purchasing services from a corporate video production company, they are using the price tag as the end-all, be-all factor in making decisions.


While everybody has their own definition of cheap, if you’re looking to invest in a sales video or a promotional video for your business then you should be looking at something of quality rather than something cheap. That does not mean that you need to overspend, but at the same time you should not be underspending as many business promotional video should be lasting 3-5 years. Even though you will be investing in your services from a corporate video production company today, that investment can be amortized across many years and many channels. This assumes a quality video, made with an appropriate investment, versus the video with the lowest cost option.

Promotional video, such as corporate overview videos, sales videos, and marketing videos, have been around for a long time, still have a way to go before getting adopted by the mass majority of businesses. For companies that are serious about quality, they should be looking for a corporate video production company to help them craft out their B2B video production content.

Purchasing business promotional video is like everything else, there are many options and professional experience.  So deciding on which is best for your company can be tricky. Because every company is at a different point in their video journey, here are three different resources for some of those stages:

How is your business dealing with video these days? Have any suggestions for others?  Give us a note below and see you in front of the camera!

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