GaggleAMP AMPlify employee and partner engagement conference

2016 AMPlify GaggleAMP Conference

Chris Abraham and his BMW K1100LT motorcycleWhile you’re reading this on Tuesday, I am writing it on the Sunday before, since I will be mounting my 1995 BMW K1100LT touring motorcycle, donning my Shoei RF-1100 helmet and Aerostich Falstaff motorcycle jacket, and riding the 439 miles from Arlington, VA, to Boston, MA (by way of New York) to attend the 2016 AMPlify conference sponsored by GaggleAMP.

You should go, there’s still time. It’s on May 11 & 12 at Bentley University — there are still tickets!

What’s GaggleAMP?

6a00d8345242c469e200e54f64c0468833-800wiRecently, my colleague and friend JD Lasica has become a GaggleAMP convert. The newly converted are so passionate about their new religion that they’re often two steps away from zealotry.

While I have been using GaggleAMP since 2011 — and I have also been writing about GaggleAMP on, Biznology, and even on GaggleAMP — it wasn’t until professional reporters and journalists like JD got on the  ball that the real magic behind GaggleAMP became clear in such a way that I can properly convey its unique power: GaggleAMP: The ‘secret weapon of online influence:’

“We all know what’s scarce in modern society: attention. With the average person being bombarded by thousands of messages every single day, it’s hard to break through the clutter and grab the attention of readers, users, customers, clients, supporters.”

“GaggleAMP addresses the attention deficit problem by leveraging the power of peers. Most of us have a social media account of some kind nowadays. If you’re a company, a startup, a nonprofit or political organization, study after study shows that people trust their friends, colleagues and even strangers over experts; they trust employees over a brand’s official spokesperson or even the CEO.”

“GaggleAMP leverages employee advocacy — actually, any group of supporters or evangelists — by tapping into the online reach of their personal social accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc., which likely have a substantially greater combined reach than the official social media channels of your business or organization.”

“How does that work? Some Gaggle members allow the brand’s message to go out under their own social accounts automatically. But most prefer to decide, one by one, which messages to pass along after reading the message and the call to action that appears in their email in-box.”

Why GaggleAMP?

Chris Abraham GaggleAMP Gaggle

While I have been a GaggleAMP god since 2011, JD Lasica has done a much better job of explaining why I love GaggleAMP so much, why I feel like my personal publicly-accessible Chris Abraham Gaggle is my #1 secret social media marketing weapon, unlike all others. So, here I quote JD quoting me — so very promo:

“GaggleAMP is my secret weapon when it comes to my influence online. In short, I manage a public Gaggle. Anyone can join and opt in. As a reward for joining, I provide a constant stream of curated social media content that each member of my Gaggle can Auto-Share for Twitter.

“I can share content to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Anything posted to be shared with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ will be held in a moderation queue until my members approve each post. In the case of my Gaggle, around 60 accounts are set up with Auto-Share which means that I can bank on around 60 guaranteed shares and retweets on Twitter.

“I currently have 663 members in my Chris Abraham Gaggle. That means that of those members, a number of them automagically pass through each and every Twitter and LinkedIn posts to their social media streams while the remaining members are given the option to post my content based on how well each suggested Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Google+ content fits them.

“There’s a tremendous power associated with sharing something via GaggleAMP. The service is smart, it doesn’t send out everything all at once, it distributes the content organically over time. That said, it’s a powerful tool that can really kick-start a content marketing campaign.”

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

GaggleAMP put together a very nice and comprehensive animated video that goes into how GaggleAMP can best benefit your business.

Official GaggleAMP LogoSince our Gaggles are public GaggleAMP gaggles, the bottom line may not be as clear. This video explains why companies, organizations, and brands should be investing on implementing GaggleAMP into their own organizations where it will quickly become obvious that GaggleAMP isn’t only my secret weapon but could be yours, too.

Good luck and go git ’em Tiger! I hope I get to see you at AMPlify later tomorrow!



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