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6 ways to create content that will go viral

There’s one thing we have seen over the last few years, and it is that compelling content will “go viral.” While there isn’t a magic formula to follow to make sure your newest post, tweet, or video becomes wildly popular overnight, there are a few strategies you can try that may get you there. You want to start by learning how to write your website and blog posts to attract your target audience: keep the tone in a casual manner, and remember to focus on what your readers want to see. Take a look at these 6 ways to create content that your readers will share.

Take a look at past content.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can utilize your website analytics to find out your most popular posts. Take a few of those and come up with additional content ideas that build off of them. If your “4 Great Ideas for Your Next Blog post” killed it a few months ago, elaborate on that. Maybe write something like “5 More Ideas for Your Next Blog post.”

Follow the social media leaders.

If you know what your target audience is doing on social media, you can turn that knowledge into power. Pay attention to what they share. You don’t have to copy them to get ideas from them. Don’t worry about linking to a post on a successful blog that you found intriguing or inspiring. You never know, maybe that person will share your post and you’ll reach even more people.

People want to look smart (so help them).

When someone considers sharing content, it’s because they think it is social currency. If it makes them look smart, they’re more likely to make sure their friends and followers see it, too. Write posts that are helpful and compelling – this will increase the chances of it being shared.

Humanize your brand.

When people can relate to apply what you write to their own lives, they are more likely to pass it along to others. If you found the perfect appetizer to serve at a party, or want to share the challenges of parenting a toddler, something you figure many people can relate to, write about it. When something is personal to someone, they will share it. As you write your posts, do so in a way that will humanize your brand to drive visibility and build relationships.

Use lists and images.

People flock to lists and images.

Make your blog post a list; this significantly increases your chances of going viral. People want to read something that is clear and easy to follow. Look for some free and high quality photo sources for bloggers to add some creative imagery and your chances bump up a few more levels.

Don’t make people feel foolish.

Before a person shares content, they think about whether or not it will tarnish their reputation. So make sure you don’t write something that will alienate people or talk down race or religion.

There is no sure-fire secret to write content that will sweep the Internet, but there are some things you can do to help increase your chances. Learn from things you have written in the past, be true to yourself, and write in a clear and compelling manner and you just may see your post go far and wide.

What are your tips to create powerful content your readers want to share?

Megan Totka

Megan Totka is a freelance writer, business expert and consultant. She was the marketing & editorial director at for over a decade. As a business expert, she specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources, as well as providing business advice. She has significant experience with the topic of business marketing, and has spent several years exploring topics like copywriting, content marketing, list building, social media and any hot topics to help businesses run their business successfully. When she's not writing articles to educate businesses on the vast importance of building up their web presence, she likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the latest small business products, services, apps and other reviews. With a strong suit for managing business partnerships and developing partner relations, she often cultivates topics around the partnerships she's established by reviewing and highlighting what makes each business unique. She prides herself on keeping up with the diverse variety of services each business specializes in to spotlight new offerings.

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