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3 Conversion tactics for your online ads

Online advertising is a wide-sweeping, effective way to get your products, services, and brand in front of the eyes of hundreds of millions of people all over the world. When structuring the copy for your online advertising, you need to be captivating, concise, and clear. Read on to understand more about how to give your ad copy some strong doses of these conversion-raising components of advertising.


Captivating viewers just means using words in your ads that draw people’s attention and pique their interest. Words like “free,” “instantly,” and “you” are effective at increasing click-through and conversion rates. Use captivating language towards the beginning of the ad, since it’s the first few words that will encourage the viewer to keep reading.

However, having captivating words isn’t the most important aspect of increasing conversions. It’s just the beginning. Many ad creators fail to realize this, and that’s why they may see their click-through rates jump up, but not their conversion rates.


Being concise means getting to the point as quickly as possible. Don’t waste people’s time with filler info, such as the history of your company on the landing page if that’s not directly tied to what you’re selling. Your ad and landing page should be focused on giving people information to help them decide to buy from your business.

Make sure that your ad copy gives people as much information about what’s on the landing pages as it can without going over word and character limits enforced by your platform (Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.). Don’t waste a single word or character by employing lengthy, hyphenated, and complex words when shorter, more basic words will get the same job done take up less ad space.


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Providing clarity means being up front about what you’re selling. This could include pricing and discounts or describing the specific benefits of a product of service that you have available.

“We’ve got great products!” is not as clear as “Florida’s cheapest fishing gear!” which is still not as clear as “Freshest live bait in Tampa!”

Being clear in an online ad seems like an obvious idea to may people. However, many businesses get clarity wrong. They make strange, generalizing promises, use misspelled words and incorrect grammar, and leave potential customers guessing as to what their company might have to offer.

Some companies use the tactic of piquing a viewer’s curiosity (captivation, as mentioned above) to get them to click on an ad. However, once people click, they may or may not be interested in what they see. This element of clarity is what makes the difference between someone who clicks and someone who buys.

When you want someone to actually do business with your company, it’s critical that they are clear not only about what you have to offer, but about how it will benefit them to purchase it. Will it help them sleep better, run faster, lose more weight, be a more effective parent, earn a higher salary, or kick their alcoholism for good?

Clear ad copy should include the following types of information.

Pricing and Discounts

Give customers an idea of how much your product or services will cost. This helps them start to make a buying decision well before they start seeing what’s on your website. This skimming process helps separate serious leads from “window shoppers.” When you put price points front and center, whoever clicks on your ad is most likely someone who has the money to make a purchase at that price point.

Specificity of Products and Services

Tell the viewer exactly where they will be led by clicking on this ad. Does your site sell shoes, real estate, banking services, toys, credit monitoring, or fine jewelry? Let the consumer know what you’re trying to sell so that they are clicking on your ad excitedly and knowingly. This increases the chances that they will buy from you instead of merely browsing.

When are able to produce ad copy that is attractive, succinct, and easily understood, you can sit back and watch your conversion rates, and your sales, skyrocket!

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