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Why Infographics are the new favorite link bait

With the Internet constantly advancing, you must stay on top of what Internet users are responding to. Infographics, are graphical representations of an ideal or a concept with an embedded link to your site. They are becoming the new fashionable link bait because they grab people’s attention. Put simply, an infographic can portray a message that words just cannot do justice to, prompting an instant reaction.

Health centre infographics

Image by Matt Biddulph via Flickr

Engaging infographics have several advantages in generating links back to your site, and can range from humorous cartoon characters to graphs and charts that condense complicated information into understandable bite-size chunks. By presenting an image that is colorful, lively, interesting, or even shocking and hard-hitting, you rapidly draw people to your site with one click of the mouse. A successful infographic can increase traffic to your site and improve brand awareness.
Infographics can also be used to share content with similar Web sites, sometimes helping a message go viral. By contributing your infographics to high profile blogs or social media, you gain significant exposure for a number of audiences. The key to using infographics is to make them educational or entertaining or both.

Infographics by The Guardian

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An SEO Company like mine will also advise clients to create infographics because people prefer them to standard Web site content. People are more inclined to link to infographic content, aiding your search rankings (because Google ranks sites with better links more highly).
Remember to reflect your own style in the infographics you create. With more and more people utilizing this valuable method of link baiting, you don’t want to become a mere drop in the SEO pool. Infographics have the power to generate quality links because they offer unique content that goes beyond a catchy headline. Internet users are constantly bombarded with ads every day and it is only when faced with something different and exciting that they start to take notice. Tapping into this need for fast, effective information is where your infographics will really begin to gain results, often within just a few weeks.

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