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Five ways to change your SEO campaign

We are still in the wake of the historic election from Tuesday night and the most prominent word that seems to be on everyone’s mind is change. Now, for change to come from Washington we all can safely say, regardless of party affiliation, that it will take quite a while. In other words, don’t hold your breath unless you are ready to pass out from lack of oxygen. There is one area, however, where you can enact change and possibly have an effect on your business before the Inauguration in January. That area is your search engine optimization efforts.

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To keep it simple, let’s look at some areas that you can change very quickly:

  1. Change your title and meta descriptions for the main pages on your site. If you have never looked at them before, then this is even more important. Not only do the engines consider the title tag one of the last of the on-page factors that are still relevant, your marketing message might have changed and your site could be behind the times. I tell folks to review these areas on a quarterly basis and make sure that your messaging is on point relative to your business goals.
  2. Change your level of involvement. If you are one of those folks who is completely on top of their Web site’s search marketing, then more power to you. I can safely say, however, that the overwhelming majority of site owners in the SMB space have not looked at their most important SEO factors in a very long time. SEO requires regular attention by someone in the know. It is not a “one and done” practice. Be sure you are ALWAYS involved in building new one-way inbound link partners. If your SEO efforts have been inconsistent, then it is likely that your reputation with the search engines has suffered.
  3. Change your agency. Wow. I can’t believe I just said that but it is something that should be considered often. There are many client-agency relationships that slip into a catatonic state, sapping the essential creativity needed for SEO success. You have the right to demand that your agency do what YOU need for success and not get caught up in a monthly set of deliverables that are routinely spit out to meet lax contractual obligations. If you are paying for creativity, then demand it or tell your current provider to pack their bags and take a hike.
  4. Change your clients. For you agency folks this may come as a shock but there are bad clients out there that drain your resources and turn unprofitable after some time. If that is the case, fire the client. What? Yup, you read that correctly. Fire the client. Agency relationships that are on auto pilot hurt both client and agency alike. If your client has been unresponsive, or unwilling to invest the resources for success, then guess who is at fault when the client complains about results. The agency will always be wrong. Avoid that by cleaning house of bad clients and looking to do good business with those who value your knowledge and time.
  5. Change your attitude. This is the big one. We are in uncertain times but your attitude toward your SEO efforts should correlate directly to the level of success you have. Search engine optimization is extremely attractive in an economic downturn. Efficiency and measurability make for very wise marketing budget spending. If you go for broke now, you stand to be in or near the front of the pack when things pick back up. Expect to win.

So it’s time for change. Take control. Make some money. Smile a little. Change can be good.

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  1. Avatar Boise Real Estate Ben

    I am having a heck of a time with my SEO. I hired a chick who promised the world and delivered nothing. That sucks..

  2. Avatar Yasir Khan

    Great post! Pretty much summed it all up.

  3. Avatar Gutscheincodes

    thank you very much for the tips. That help me so much. i’m still newbie in SEO.

  4. Avatar Carrie

    Thanks for this post. Number two is important to me. I’ll build a site, start to do SEO, then want to throw all of my efforts into a new site. Even though my new sites may need the bulk of my time and attention, I can’t completely ignore their older siblings.

  5. Avatar Andi Himawan

    thank you for this amazing tips. I am learning seo basic right now and its help me much.

  6. Avatar Daniel

    Very nice pointers. I agree that people seem to forget about their SEO and leave it be if it’s doing good, this might work in the short term but in the long run it needs attention.
    I like #1 specifically, the title is very important, most search engine algorithms barely take into account the META tags anymore.
    Even keyword density has been replaced by things such as LSI.

  7. Avatar Michael Tyrrell

    I am doing some SEO work for some small clients and I’ve found Search Engine Marketing, Inc. to be a great resource. Does anyone know of a similar resource dedicated to blogs? I know that many of the concepts work for both, but I’m looking for more details focusing on blogs. Thanks.

  8. Avatar Mike Moran

    Did you read my other book, Do It Wrong Quickly? It talks about all sorts of Internet marketing techniques, including blogs. If you want something exclusively about blogs, I am a fan of Naked Conversations. Good luck.

  9. Avatar Michael Tyrrell

    Thanks very much, Mike.

  10. Avatar Casey Madaline

    I like the last point. It make all the tips complete. Attitude changing is great way to a better result.

  11. The hardest part of SEO is the constant demand. People want to pay attention to it, and move on. Not have it as a part of their lives forever. Whether its the California Mortgage industry, or other competitive keywords, you can’t stop SEO to stay at the top.

  12. Avatar Angela

    Yes, Mike. Thank you. I plan to look at both of these books. SEO is kind of a specialty of mine, but I like learning new things. 🙂

  13. Avatar david

    Change your clients!
    i like your thinking there, sometimes there are new clients that pressed you to undertake a little work but a now trying for a full service.
    I think the reinvestment is important, simple give and take should work, but seems strained when you ask for money to be put back into the bucket..
    nice post!

  14. Avatar GRS

    Though listed last I feel #5 is the most important. Keep your head down and keep digging for the inevitable recovery and you’ll be in a great position.

  15. Avatar Tod

    Should your inbound linking be to your main page or inner pages of your site…?

  16. Avatar Frank Reed

    Wow! Great responses everyone. I appreciate the feedback. As an SMB (small and medium business) consultant for SEO I see a little bit of everything. I am currently at PubCon in Las Vegas hearing about the same problems (and even worse) that exist in enterprise level accounts as well.
    Please keep coming back on Friday’s and I’ll see if I can come up with something interesting for you.

  17. Avatar markp

    I think number 5 is probably the most important too. If your clients truly understand what SEO can do for them they will be falling over feet trying to pay you.

  18. Avatar Colin Waters

    I make a New Year’s Resolution and this year is to complete give a makeover to our Web site and really shake it up. We have been steadily growing the past month in terms of SEPR but I know we can do better. I just have to convince the higher heads to make the changes to start ahead of the curve.
    Thanks for the awesome article.

  19. Avatar Lenin Nair

    Hi, liked the post. Takes full energy from Obama speech and guidelines. The best advice so far I guess is the attitude one. That’s very important for success anyway. I strongly hope that the spammers change themselves!

  20. Avatar prem lover

    nice crisp points shared with us. i like one point, its not once in a while process. You need to focus on seo and inbound links all the time.

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