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Small business and search marketing…a rare match indeed

Do small business owners take advantage of search marketing the way they should? Often, they don’t. If you own a small business and you’re wondering what’s passing you by, and more important;y, what’s stopping you, read on. Small businesses that ignore search marketing might find their competitors leaving them behind.

First, let me say thank you to Mike Moran for giving me the opportunity to talk to his Biznology audience. I admit that I feel a bit like a substitute teacher but don’t think you can slack off while I am at the helm! Pardon me….I am a little woozy from the power.
I’m going to share with you an all too common occurrence I encounter. You see, as a search marketing provider to small and medium businesses (SMBs) I am all about helping the “little guy” use the search engines to level the playing field. There literally is no other marketing discipline that can put you in front of a prospect at the exact moment that they have asked for the solution you provide. A small software company with a great product can do the right things to get them mentioned in the same breath as Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft etc. within a SERP (search engine result page) and have a chance to win a client from industry giants. That happens all the time in search.
Here’s the catch though. In order to make that happen they have to invest themselves into the process of search marketing and precious few small guys do. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen clients ignore suggestions or back burner implementation of search marketing techniques that will eventually earn them bottom line results. I don’t get it but it happens.
Do I think it’s because they don’t care? No, not at all. In fact, most small business guys and gals care so much that they make themselves too busy to tend to the basics. Search marketing is now basic marketing. If you don’t think so, then I would suggest that you are going to be eating the dust of your competition in the very near future. Small biz folks are often so busy working in their business that they forget to work on their business. This is a critical tactical error that costs many businesses dearly. Interesting thing is that they often don’t even realize it. They have never even calculated the opportunity cost of not showing up in Google’s search results for their product or service. They just go about the business of doing their business day in and day out.
If you are a business owner, just take a moment to calculate the revenue that you would receive from a new client over a year’s time. Now imagine that you have hired a sales guy who literally works 24/7 for you and never takes a vacation. He knows that his only job is to bring you business and he has all the right contacts to do so. He works tirelessly to network and move your business forward by acquiring new customers from all over the country (or world for that matter) and he never complains. He is there to even support your existing client base by reassuring them that you are one of the leaders in your area of expertise. His name is Web. He works out all day to be seen above the rest of your competition because you give him everything he needs to be heard in the search engine marketplace.
Oh wait. You haven’t helped him in a while? He’s not performing up to your expectation? Web just doesn’t make the grade when it comes to bringing new business in? Why do you suppose that is? Hate to tell you but it’s not his fault. It’s yours because you have neglected him and not given him the makeover that he needs to be attractive to one of the most powerful marketing tools available to SMBs on the planet; the search engines. Shame on you, Mr. SMB Owner. All he needs is some attention and he’ll work for you while you sleep. Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. Give your best sales guy a chance to shine. Your bottom line will thank you.

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  1. Avatar SEO Florida

    ofcource it really helps for small business to get hike and bloom their business in short span of time.
    yeah, paid marketing is cost effective if it’s in right hands for managing, otherwise lost is yours.

  2. Avatar Craig Klein

    Frank you are sooooo right!
    Lead Gen via your web site can be soooo powerful and is under utilized by almost every small business owner I run into.
    Its frustrating to me. My company, SalesNexus, offers a service that allows form submissions on your website to be automatically added to your online contact management system and an auto-responder campaign started automatically.
    I try to encourage our clients to spend some time on their web site and SEM but, most of them just don’t seem to get it.
    Its too bad because I can tell you from my experience that a search lead is a LOT more valuable than most other types of leads.

  3. Avatar Marketing Blog

    One of my friends is a “small biz consultant” and specializes in helping business generate more biz locally on the internet. It amazes me how much people still don’t know about the web. He’s told me some crazy stories about how people are VERY excited about the Internet, know their competitors are doing it, but have no idea where to start.
    Many of them are happy to write checks for $2000 to get a nice blog set up and trained on how to post, and how to do some keyword research to target local searches.
    Many of us who have been doing this “Internet thing” for years tend to forget how much we really know – and forget how much money we could make by sharing our knowledge with local business owners.

  4. Avatar Nitro Quattro

    One of the easiest and fastest ways for SBO’s to get seen locally is by blogging. Business owners just need do so some local long-tail research and literally destroy their competition online. It obviously takes much longer than paid search, but by using both, a local SBO can really clean house in the long run and build more value for this business when it’s time to sell.

  5. Avatar Merchant Cash Advance

    Small business owners truly have hard times being found on the web, but I would say that the main reason for that is because they don’t think they can benefit from search engines, they are certainly wrong.
    Other reasons why it may be harder for them to succeed on the web is because they tend to hire the wrong people, they don’t spend any time researching, they rely 100% on others and often times, they don’t set a budget for their online marketing.

  6. Avatar Blue Ridge Real Estate

    Why? Small business has great chances to be there on web with SEO, don’t you think so, Nitro?
    65% of SEO business is based upon small business websites, and turns into brand in few months.
    Am i right frank?

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