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A New Nonprofit’s Messaging Journey

Episode Summary: When Grace Moreno was recruited to lead and create the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the group’s messaging was anything but clear. Hear about its messaging journey from possibility…

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Starting the New Year Right

Starting the new year right is probably more important this year than ever before. After all, 2020 was one of the most annus horribiles of the last century, and its aftermath continues…

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Protecting Your Mission

Protecting your mission is top of mind for all leaders of mission-driven organizations, but protecting it from what, exactly? There are obvious threats, of course, such as financial solvency, reputation,…

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Bad News and Your Brand

During its last earnings call, Walgreens Co-chief Operating Officer Alex Gourlay admitted, “Our execution is lacking where it needs to be.” Sorry, what was that? Did someone just admit to…

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