I am thankful for the Internet industry

I don’t usually go with obvious themes but today I will. It’s about time because, looking back, looking around, and looking forward, I have a lot to be thankful for. I won’t go into the personal details other than to say I am blessed with a great faith, a great wife, kids, extended family, network of friends and more. In that way, I am a rich man despite some of my best efforts to mess things up along the way. On the professional side there is a lot I am thankful for and much of that thankfulness comes from general things that we all as Internet industry denizens can share in being thankful for.  Here goes my Internet industry “I am thankful for” list.

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I am thankful for:

  • Google – Let’s be honest, if Google didn’t become as big and successful as it is, many of us would be in other lines of work that we might not like as much. There are many who want to tear Google apart for being too powerful, but I disagree completely and without reservation. In other words, the government is dead wrong in harassing them. Let’s put it this way, if you think the economy is bad WITH Google, imagine what kind of shape we would be in if much of the Internet culture that Google enables didn’t exist. I shudder at the thought.
  • Opportunity – The Internet provides tremendous opportunity for people to find a place for themselves and to carve out a living. I always try to encourage people who are struggling in dead end traditional jobs to try to learn a skill related to the Internet marketing industry. It’s a an industry that has some really talented folks but MANY more actors and pretenders. The need for GOOD Internet marketers has never been greater, but as I have read in a great book, the harvest is plenty but the workers are few.
  • People – The Internet space is very much like the rest of the world in that there are snakes everywhere. I have been burned as I suspect many others have. Despite that risk, I have been able to make some real friends in the Internet space and I am forever grateful for that chance to meet and grow with people that I would not have met otherwise. Not the least of which is Biznology’s founder, Mike Moran. Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to great things in the future regarding business but more excited about a lifelong friendship.
  • Hope – One nice thing about the Internet space is that one can turn from the “I am here to only make money” mindset and quickly find ways to help others. I have watched many put together great efforts to help others in need by utilizing the tools and systems of the Internet space. That provides great hope for the future and the comfort that it’s not only about the money.
  • A voice – As the managing editor of Marketing Pilgrim and a regular contributor here at Biznology I have a voice that I might not have had otherwise. The Internet gives us all the chance to develop a voice that can even be heard no matter how big or small the audience.
  • Choice – Ultimately, there is too much for any one person to do and know in the world of Internet marketing. That frustrates some but it liberates me. I find the areas that resonate with me and I can get better at those. Many industries have limited choices to offer and that’s where people hit the wall. That’s hard to imagine in such a dynamic industry.

As with all lists, this is a partial one. There is more and I would guess that you could give us more in the comments which would be cool to see.  My sincere hope and prayer on this Thanksgiving weekend is that we all find where we fit and we grow there. What would make it even better is if, along the way, we bring a few others along with us.

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