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Office Depot loses a customer

I don’t often use my own experiences in my blog, but my recent visit to my local Office Depot store in search of some multipurpose paper for my printer led…

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Correct first, then easy

It’s timeworn advice: Make it easy for the customer. Be easy to do business with. Staples has driven it’s whole brand image around that easy button. And, like most advice,…

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Efficiency or effectiveness?

We all have trade-offs to make in our businesses between the efficiency of doing something the best and the effectiveness of doing the best thing. Obviously, we’d always want to…

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Advertising that trashes your brand

Banking heavyweight Chase has been blanketing the airwaves with a commercial that must be effective for them, because it’s something they’ve used over and over for months. A shopper uses…

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Ikea will annoy you for $5

No, that’s not their latest marketing campaign. It’s something that over the weekend I learned is Ikea’s company policy. Now maybe it’s not fair for me to single out Ikea,…

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