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The Building Blocks of Content Marketing: How to Plan Your B2B Content Library

Yesterday, Ruth P. Stevens of eMarketing Strategy presented our latest Biznology® Webinar about how to plan your B2B content libraries. B2B marketers are well aware that content—such as white papers, infographics, research reports, case studies, and videos—are essential tools for marketing effectiveness today. But many B2B marketers struggle with the question of what content to develop, how to get it produced efficiently, and the best applications for content marketing.

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Why every marketer should teach

For the past few years, I have been co-teaching a graduate-level class on social media marketing at Fairleigh Dickinson University with my friend and Biznology Master, Mike Moran. In the…

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Building your B2B marketing database

Your most important tool in B2B is, arguably, the marketing database.  Without a robust collection of contact information, firmographic and transactional data about customers and prospects, you are adrift when…

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