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Summer Vacation Reading

As I resume writing my column following my family vacation, I thought it might be nice to lead off with a recap of the great books I read over my…

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Waiting to Exhale

I was talking to a friend recently, making plans to get together in person (finally) and comparing notes on our year, when she said something I can’t get out of…

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Unveiling the New Biznology

Today we unveil the new Biznology in honor of, and with a tribute to, Haydn Shaughnessy.  Haydn joined JEM’s leadership team as executive editor of Biznology earlier this Spring, overhauling…

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From Good to Great Leadership

This marks the second in a series focusing on approaches, points of view and visions for what thoughtful, 21st Century leadership looks like. Curious, courageous, tireless, forward-thinking leaders are constantly…

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Purpose, Potential and Perspective

What will it take to move beyond merely surviving to excelling in our careers? How can we create thriving professional environments centered around “purpose, potential and perspective” that both attract…

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