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You Belong Here – Part 1

Editors note: The following article compilation by Consultants Collective executive coach, Kevin Jordan, is the first in a 3-part series on belonging. As part of  Consultants Collective’s Third Wave initiative,…

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Stay Motivated When Feedback Is Scarce

This week we will continue with the theme of change management, learning/continuous improvement and innovation, with a focus on effectively fostering innovation and experimentation at both the team and organizational level….

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Recalibrate Expectations

This week continues with a series of articles on health and well-being, including care (and dedicated time) for ourselves and others as well as optimal steps to maintain resilience. These contain thoughtful…

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Growth After Trauma

This week’s articles and TED Talks/podcasts centers thematically on health, well-being, care for ourselves and others and optimal steps to maintain resilience. This is the first of a couple of health…

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Begin With Trust

This bulk of this week’s reading and listening centers thematically on 3 key areas: 1) trust and how to facilitate it (and, conversely, how to break it); 2) leaders as…

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