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Using Twitter to Reach Nirvana

The concept of nirvana as a condition or rest and stability is appealing to those of us who live through the hurly-burly of the tech world day to day. Twitter…

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The Social Media Split Personality

I don’t share much of my personal life online. Never have. I’ve kept it completely professional, businesslike, and, uh, boring. I’ve never said anything remotely controversial. You don’t even know…

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Blogging for big companies

I don’t often blog about conferences I am not speaking at, but Andy Sernovitz is making a special offer to my readers that I want to pass along. You can…

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Inside Social Media Marketing

I had the opportunity to speak to MENG’s October meeting on Friday. Now I realize that MENG’s sounds like a Chinese restaurant, but it’s actually the Marketing Executives Networking Group—I…

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