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Why I Twitter

Despite all the talk about it, most people, even most savvy Web types, don’t use Twitter. That’s not a problem–it’s just true. That means that even among the dress-in-black blog-writing,…

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The messenger is the message

Recently, US Airways Flight 154 dropped out of the sky into the Hudson River after a bird strike killed both engines. Fortunately, due to correct responses on the part of…

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Using Twitter to Reach Nirvana

The concept of nirvana as a condition or rest and stability is appealing to those of us who live through the hurly-burly of the tech world day to day. Twitter…

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Are you telling your customers off?

Do you consider yourself customer-friendly? Always looking to start the conversation—or continue it? You might be surprised to find that a common practice is undermining any friendly sentiment your e-mail…

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