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Why you should treat PPC like SEO

Paid search (PPC) and organic search (SEO) aren’t that similar, most people will tell you. Sure, choosing keywords is the relatively the same process for both, but that’s about it,…

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Selling Search to the C-Suite

This might have happened to you. You are all fired up about the possibilities of search marketing, but you just haven’t figured out how to get the executive support that…

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Get your CEO to say Y-E-S to SEO

So, you’re trying to finish up your budget for next year and, just like last year, you’re trying to get funding for much-needed SEO work on your site. For whatever…

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How do you give Google what it wants?

If you’ve been doing search marketing for a long enough time, eventually the day arrives where it doesn’t seem fun anymore. In fact, it seems downright frustrating. Despite your trying…

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