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Jay Gronlund

Jay Gronlund

Jay Gronlund is an experienced business development and branding professional with a successful track record introducing new products and services, expanding into foreign markets, re-positioning products, and facilitating ideation sessions.  Jay has effectively applied proven marketing and branding principles from his background in the consumer goods industry to other industry sectors, including B2B situations.

Jay’s career began in consumer packaged goods and then expanded into household products, beverages and publishing.  His first company was Richardson-Vicks (now part of Proctor & Gamble), where he held new product positions in New York and in London. He continued his new product responsibilities for Arm & Hammer products at Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer), then VP Marketing of the wine/champagne division of Seagram, and finally VP, Director of Marketing at Newsweek.

Gronlund started The Pathfinder Group in New York in 1990, an international business development and brand consulting firm..  Related to this, much of his work today involves re-positioning brands, ideation sessions and marketing workshops, with a primary focus on emotional branding, especially building brand trust for clients.. Jay has also been teaching a marketing course at NYU since 1999, “Positioning and Brand Development".

Jay recently wrote a new book, “Basics of Branding”, reflecting his NYU branding course and professional experience.  He has also published several articles on diverse marketing topics:  “5 Steps to a Successful Ideation Session”, “What B2B Marketers can Learn from B2C”, “Employer Branding”, “Customized Marketing for Tomorrow’s Leaders”, “Sharing and Implementing New Ideas Across Borders”, and “Working with the New Russians”, “Word-of-Mouth Marketing for B2B Situations”, “The Future of m-Health” and “How to Build ‘Value’ for Healthcare Brands in Emerging Markets”.

Jay Gronlund is a graduate of Colby College and has an MBA from Tuck at Dartmouth College.