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Internet marketing and TMI

We live in an age that easily crosses the TMI line. For those wondering, TMI is the acronym for “too much information.” If you are in the Internet marketing industry…

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Top-down Internet marketing

I guess a pretty cool article to go with this headline would be about SEO, paid search and social media happening while you are zipping down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway…

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The new marketing basics?

Is anything about Internet marketing traditional? Or is it all so new that we need to keep following it like a bouncing wave that moves to something different every year?…

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2009: The year of the listener

OK, this proclamation of the Year of the Listener is completely made up….by me. There is no culture or religion that officially deemed 2009 as the Year of the Listener….

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Nothing New About New Media?

I tend to write about things that are “on my radar.” Many times it’s something that has gotten me excited in either a good or bad way. Well, this one…

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