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Personalization deepens

Many of you know that I spent the last few years at, focusing in large measure on personalization. Eight years ago, when we first started looking at personalization, Amazon…

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Reduce e-Commerce pogosticking

Way back in 2001, noted usability expert Jared Spool offered a key insight into shopper behavior. Shoppers buy more when they have no need for backtracking, which Spool calls pogosticking—choosing…

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How shoppers use your web site

Have you ever wondered exactly what tasks your site visitors undertake when they are shopping for something on your site? If so, you may want to investigate a technique called…

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The search for e-mail relevance

E-mail marketing can be exquisitely targeted or it can be spam, depending in large measure on the work done by the sender to ensure relevance to the recipient. One method…

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The death of brand loyalty

What ever happened to brand loyalty? In bygone days, retailers were powerful brands, but today that power has been supplanted by Google. When shoppers turn into searchers, what do you…

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