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Oct 30, 2018
Biznology® Webinar with Monique de Maio

Companies and organizations are not the only things that need strategic planning and branding—so do people. 

What do you want to be known and remembered for? Do you know what YOUR personal brand is?

How do you want to feel, and what do you want to communicate every day—at work, at home, in your community?

Gain clarity about how to approach your personal branding by chatting with Monique de Maio, creator of Be the CMO of Your Life Program and Founder of ondemand CMO.

This free 30-minute Biznology discussion will cover everything to know for personal branding, including what contributes to people's successes and failures and what parts of your personal life should be part of your brand.

Special presentation sponsored by Gerris Corp, SoloSegment and ondemandCMO

Nov 12, 2018
Rutgers Business School, 100 Rockafeller Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, USA

Mike Moran is teaching the marketing module of the Rutgers Business School Exec Ed Mini-MBA™: Business Essentials program. This program helps you become more effective by providing a solid foundation in current business theory and practice. After completing this course, participants will have a solid framework for making better business decisions about issues affecting their companies–and their careers.

This one-week daytime certificate program is taught by a team of top industry experts. The program features focused learning experiences and case studies centered on vital subject areas in the business world. By examining and discussing the case studies, managers will learn how organizational units interact to support corporate strategy and the different ways business can adapt to constant change. They will also gain practical skills for increasing individual and organizational productivity.

Nov 27, 2018
Biznology® Webinar with Philip Resnik

Right now AI is everywhere, with excitement about everything from self-driving cars to conversational home assistants to automating healthcare diagnoses. A great deal of that excitement comes from recent developments that allow machines to learn really effectively. 

Is machine learning all there is to AI, though? Is there a role for human knowledge and insight in building smarter technology? In this free 30-minute Biznology® discussion, we’ll talk with AI and natural language processing expert Philip Resnik about how AI got to where it is now, and where the human element fits in .

Special presentation sponsored by, Gerris Corp, and SoloSegment and Thematically

Dec 3, 2018
Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick, NJ

Mike Moran is teaching three modules of the Rutgers Business School Exec Ed Mini-MBA™: Digital Marketing program at Rutgers New Brunswick. Today's rapidly advancing technologies are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in the marketing paradigm. From newly empowered and super-informed consumers to expanding media channels and networks, firms need to reexamine their business models and proactively seek ways to stay ahead of the competition.

This one-week certificate program, taught by a team of top industry experts, will present a new business model for push and pull marketing. Through case studies, interactive sessions, and class exercises, participants will learn about the latest research and best practices in the industry. Topics to be covered include strategy, social media marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, web analytics and measurement, legal and security issues, gamification and multichannel integration.