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Search Success on the Cheap

As we hosted the American Marketing Association Listserv this past week, we heard from many search marketers about what they are struggling with and concerned about. One item that came…

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In-House Search Marketing Talks

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present as part of three panels that included my co-author, Bill Hunt, at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. Here is some…

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Today’s the Day

It took a year to write, but it’s finally available. Today is the day that Search Engine Marketing, Inc. hits the street. My co-author Bill Hunt and I have been…

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What Else Are Searchers Thinking?

At Search Engine Strategies in Toronto, Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch moderated this forum on what searchers think and do while they are searching. Gord Hotchkiss made a similar…

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What Are Searchers Thinking?

This interesting session at the AD:TECH conference in San Francisco featured three different research studies highlighting the way searchers behave. The first study featured an eye tracking study of exactly…

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Branding Tactics for Search

Sometimes, yes. “Raising brand awareness” is the last refuge of the marketing hack. But more and more, studies are showing that search marketing does aid branding. Searchers have higher brand…

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