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who dis?
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If you haven't been writing about what you know about marketing, public relations (PR), digital advertising, social media marketing,
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Once upon a time, you probably used Facebook to check if your crush at school was “single” or “in a relationship,”...
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Maintaining a blog is something that so many companies do, but are they doing it as well as they could be? Sometimes paying attention...

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a B2B digital marketing forum hosted by The Conference Board and led by Mike...

Are you one of those marketers wondering where and how to use video effectively? You’re certainly not alone. Video platform managers and...
Automatically Share Blog Posts To Social Media With Blog2Social
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I have been using my sports blog,, as both a writing meditation towards...
Choose your own date when you post old content on Wordpress
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You won't confuse your visitors or piss off Google Search if you start posting historical newsletters, news items,
Blogging is all about posting and publishing the first draft
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Never let the perfect get in the way...
Slow and steady morning jog and jogging
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Fully, generously, and even a little verbosely populating your website, your blog, your social media profiles, and your social...