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Marketers are wizards and PR is magic

According to professor Yuval Noah Harari, the law and public relations are modern day magic;  lawyers and judges, academicians, and marketers are modern-day, secular, wizards; and Edward Bernays may very well be Dumbledore (while…

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russian troll army web brigades Веб-бригады

I was a teenage Russian troll

All anyone is talking about these days is how armies of Russian trolls got До́нальд Джон Трамп (Donald John Trump) elected President of the United States. They did this through…

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Coffee's for Closers

The salesmanship of influencer marketing

If you’re doing influencer marketing right, you’ll have a lifetime relationship with your influential.  And, like any family member or friend, relationships require consistent and attentive attention. Likewise, if you’re…

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