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Amber Racer

Amber Racer

Amber crafts content copy with passion. She's a content specialist who helps businesses create a response with writing. With focus on targeting customers and crafting original, quality content, Amber writes words that reach across the online channels and speak to each client’s industry and audience. As Senior Copywriter at Revital Agency, she applies her background in internet marketing and managing websites to adapt content strategies for maximum impact using insight and best practices.

Amber is a marketing millennial who's been using computers since (pretty much) the conception of personal desktops and remembers playing Commander Keen with DOS on Windows 3.1. She totally gets the internet, and of course, digital marketing.

Amber started out in internet marketing by producing content as a travel writer, where she was able to apply real travel experiences and inspire with stories about the places she's been. She's had the honor of writing for top companies in the travel industry such as Hipmunk and USAToday online on behalf of San Diego Tourism. In 2014, she founded an independent publisher The Oracle's Library and produced her first book in print on Philosophy.

On the side, she always writes and loves traveling to historic sites, actualizing indie publishing ventures, and philosophizing about life.