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There Are No Dumb Questions: Getting Real About Race

The CEO just announced a new focus on Diversity….now what?

The CEO of your company has just announced the company will now be focusing on diversity in the workplace and this is fantastic! But now that they have established it, what do they do? How will they implement better plans or systems for the company to increase diversity and inclusion and get rid of bias in the workplace? It’s important to take this first step toward something better. The next step is to further your companies education and confidence in the subject and you can do exactly that at Consultants Collectives webinar, There Are No Dumb Questions: Getting Real About Race.

About this Event

So much change has happened so fast. Between the consequences of COVID-19, the racial justice reckoning, the rise of #MeToo and so much more, leaders at every level in every kind of organization are asking themselves how they can be part of the solution for a new and better world.

How do you start the conversation with your organization’s leaders about DE&I? What questions should you ask to move them into action? What is holding you back from challenging your organization to begin this conversation? Are you concerned that your efforts will be viewed as performative or low impact?

Join Noni Alwood and Corey Jones of Consultants Collective member firm PrismWork for an hour-long virtual workshop to get real strategies on how to increase your knowledge and confidence when it comes to navigating issues of race, gender and other aspects of diversity. We’ll explore the core competencies of a 21st Century Leader and give you insights to shift your perspective and enable you to hold meaningful conversations around next steps in culture transformation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What’s changed and why it matters to you
  • How shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance can reap benefits for you as an inclusive, 21st Century Leader
  • Core competencies of a 21st Century Leader and how you can be the kind of leader we all need today

It’s time to make a change and make your company apart of the solution. You can register and join us for the webinar on creating a better future here.

Here are some additional articles and resources for you to look at. Having a better understanding will enable you to have engaging conversations now and at the webinar.

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