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Don’t forget to join us at the AI for Enterprise Marketing virtual event on October 15. It’s currently at $295 for non-Conference Board members. For $100 off – use code BIZ100. Learn more here:

Like many of you living through this pandemic, I’m spending a ridiculous amount of time watching streaming services. I caught the most fascinating documentary the other day called the Cave of Forgotten Dreams. It’s all about cave paintings, the earliest art human beings produced. Some of these paintings date back more than 32,000 years.

But, here’s what’s funny. As extraordinary as these pictures are, they’re also kinda… boring. Yes, they represent not only the pinnacle of human achievement at that point in time, they represent a critical period in humanity’s history, a glimpse into where we came from. It’s just that, when I compare these drawings on a wall in a cave with the capabilities we’ve developed since then — the ability to watch at my merest whim live action video streamed wirelessly to a piece of glass that I can hold in my hand — well, those cave paintings look like… ya’know, cave paintings.

I know, I know. I should have more respect. After all, these paintings show where we’ve come from. They helped their creators make sense of the world. They represent the visions and ideas of a people who created something magical, something that has lasted millennia.

Which brings me to artificial intelligence and marketing. Weird segue? I don’t think so. You see, many companies have been experimenting with artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and a host of similar technologies to improve their marketing. They want to create better, richer experiences for customers. They want to generate revenue and results for their businesses. And, much like me after watching the documentary, they’ve been left wanting more.

Artificial intelligence in marketing is in its cave painting days. We were promised 2001’s HAL or the Star Trek computer. Instead we’ve gotten results that look like someone handed a box of crayons to Cro-Magnons. But, that shouldn’t disappoint you. Seriously. Don’t let yourself fall into the trough of disillusionment. Scribbles on a wall are the first step  a necessary first step. And some remarkable companies are demonstrating work that show you how we’re beginning to step out of the cave.

October 15th at The Conference Board’s AI for Enterprise Marketing conference, you will see and hear from practitioners who are putting artificial intelligence to work and improving their company’s marketing, customer experience, and, most importantly, business results. While you’ll get a glimpse of the future, you’ll also get practical, real-world examples of how AI can benefit your business today. It sure beats binge-watching another show on streaming.

Are you ready to make more sense of the world around you? Are you looking for visions and ideas from people creating something magical? Come join us at The Conference Board’s AI for Enterprise Marketing Conference. Start painting a better picture for your organization. And get ready to step outside the cave.

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