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Ecosystem Model

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Recently we have become observers of an ongoing war between the different operating systems while they try to offer the best experience possible for their users. We are witnessing the different sides working hard, striving to achieve the best community, the best apps, and aiming to provide their clients/users a seamless experience.

At the same time, we read articles in all sorts of publications and know full well that paid apps are dead. To buy an app seems so 2010, not only outdated, but also–ahhhhhhhh–so  annoying!

What is important to remember is that the app world has two stages: the front end where people use the app, play the game, interact, chat, and date, (in other words, anything you can do with the app), and the back end which is becoming more and more important, since it refers to the generated from usage data.

Data includes all the information brands need. Data is what we love to have, without it which we can’t forecast, we can’t learn how to use or understand. Data is instrumental in helping us make the right models for the right audiences.

Therefore it becomes crucial not only to have the best possible ecosystem at the front end for the user, but also the best customer experience coming from the ecosystem we build. How we can establish the best alliances in order to have the best possible back end field? These two can’t stand-alone. Without the right ecosystem, we can’t build the right alliances and without having the right data generated  we can’t improve the experience of the ecosystem.

As I said above, paid apps are dead, but smart apps–especially apps people use, spend time/money on, and generate data are what we need. Brands don’t need native apps for the sake of having them, they need apps hyper-connected, integrated, and talking to each other in order to be able to provide the best experience possible to the user.

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