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Google had a small announcement this week. It would have been a big announcement for most companies, but Google isn’t most companies. I mean, a big announcement for Google would be an acquisition–not just any old acquisition, but a big one such as Motorola. Or they invented a new browser (been there). Or a new operating system (done that).  No, this was a little bitty announcement that everyone can now sign up for Google+, it’s social network. I mean, its Facebook killer.

Now, I don’t know whether Google+ will succeed or fail, but opening a closed system to all comers is still a big deal. Google+ has many innovative features, starting with Google Circles, which help users to share only with the people that should see something. And that’s just one of several jarring features that scream “new from the ground up.”

But it’s not enough for me. I need more. I am not sure that I even know what more I need. But, so far, Google+ isn’t worth my time. I don’t read it and I don’t post on it, even though I am signed up and in lots of people’s circles. To find out why, check out my guest post in Marketing Pilgrim, “Google+: It’s a Matter of Trust.”

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